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garmin 1030+ or the 830 or the wahoo or the karoo2?

When I hurt my hand I had the fumbles and dropped my 1030+ a few times and cracked the corner. also it fell out of my pocket when I sat and cracked the screen. a silicone sleeve and a stick on new screen seemed to fix it. it seems to have issues starting and stopping pdf it will read wacky speeds. like 32mph before I even get on my bike. it seems less right now so maybe it has dried out? I think the silicone sleeve keeps water trapped in and it gets in the case.
Hate to spend so much on a new one. so debating on what to replace it with. I don't use most of the features but what I do use limits some.
Got to have a touch screen cant stand using the buttons on the garmin. I like the big screen on the 1030. I use the temp feature the altimeter so get my slope. Really liked the 1030 as it has auto correct and t was always on so thats really something I want. the 10130 is loud enough to hear even in traffic and I need that. need support for the garmin radar. easy sync to strava as its s mostly used to record Ostrava and see the above things. my e bike hs built in gps and I use that mostly for my navigation as its just easier to see and easier to add files to I can do it all from my computer without plugging anything in. I like it as backup navigation but most of the time I don't need it.
seems the Karoo may be the best love using usb to charge it. I end up charging the 1030 two times a week when I change the radar so long run times usually are not an issue. I know gamins well and can easily set them up. but they have their glitches and are not always great with ANT stuff and can loose connection to lights and the radar
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