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Originally Posted by thook View Post
the link in post 1 doesn't work? there isn't a link for my second post. but, i'll see if i can "redo" things. for some reason the two photos i posted don't want to show up, either. in post 1 and post 2. strangely, when i hit "edit" to readd the photos, they show up again. then it shows i've edited the posted when i haven't. perhaps the site doesn't like the link or photos being shared

edit: Okay. Had to save the images to my computer and upload them as attachments to get them to show up on the post/s. Still gotta treat the link as noted below in post #19
I see photos now. I was confused by the wording because I thought you were referencing the link since originally the photos were not showing up.

Apparently I can't connect to the link because of this: Error code: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE

Wonky computer stuff - I get it

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