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Originally Posted by tiger1964 View Post
Wow, that makes those stoopid CPSC-mandated wheel retainers we had to deal with decades ago seem almost reasonable!

You know, the new rear wheel came with an oversized axle length to accommodate differing dropout spacing, and with the wheel on the bike and nuts tightened down, there's a good 10mm of axle threads sticking out on either side. I guess I could put wing nuts outboard of the hex nuts just for looks.
It's pretty obvious from looking that the rider losing his front wheel simply had no retention going on. Did someone perhaps loosen his axle nuts as a prank? Was this a stunt? Seeing the heavy jacket, maybe this pre-dated helmets and the jacket was supposed to allow him to survive the fall?

Over-length axles are to allow for some frame's very thick aluminum dropouts and derailer "claw" hangers, so are a necessity on "replacement" wheels.
A little extra axle length also retains the nuts better when the wheel/tire is removed to be worked on or for transport.
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