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funny you should mention/bring up that topic.
In an effort to build/re-construct/polish what skills I might have and add on to them in a proper manner (nothing as fruitless as strengthening something which is improper to begin with...)<
I've been going thru a number of online sources, especially videos, on improving mtb techniques and understanding.
Top of those resources (for me) is the series done by Ben Cathro for pinkbike.
In his espisode on cornering, he goes over some key aspects of 'vision'.
He doesn't gauge or measure where his attention goes by 'distance'. He notes his attention hones in on 'difficulties' (potential or obvious) which lie ahead and become apparent, whether a few yards or just around a corner. Could be anything, a pinch of boulders, an unstable surface, anything which might have more problem than the surrounding area. He 'figures' his approach and then moves to the next problem.
It's really what we also do, on the road. It's just that the amount and degree of 'issues' experienced on-road is fewer and less varied that what the natural environment can throw at you.
So on-road, we often have the luxury of time and space and fewer 'problems' to solve - so we have the luxury of being able look further down our path, for the next difficulty.
In mtb, problems abound in amount, period and 'type', so they come at you faster, more often.
He suggests working attention from closest 'problem', until you figure it out, and then moving attention to the next.
Degree of the 'problem' is, of course, dictated by our own skills, knowledge and experience. So what might be inconsequential for him, may be death defying for me... LOL!
So, righfully, we roadies should also focus on the parade of issues, not just some arbitrary 'distance'....
Real world... in cornering at speed, on road, best is to make decent good decision on the road thru a corner, and look as far into the corner as possible. Somehow, magically, a corner becomes less 'sharp', less scary, when one looks as far into it as possible/visible.
anyway - Ben Cathro series - way worth the money...
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Yuri - my mtb skills are starting to 'suck' less... LOL!
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