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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
Even the page from MMR. There's some way of exporting the ride.

It's common in "debugging" situations that people only report the information they think is important. I like to see "everything" because what people think is important often isn't.

It seems like that's the most likely explanation. Maybe, the lake was a reservoir? I don't know if the orbital scans of topography read water surface or not.

Well I was finally able to figure out how to download a tcx file, but it took a bit of doing to convert to csv. The data show a baseline of 74 meters, corresponding to when I was in the middle of the lake, rising to 98 meters at a point close to shore. Since the nominal lake level above stream bed is 28 meters, this seems to match my experience. Yes, the lake is a reservoir. I could probably upload the csv file if you want to take a look.

No one uses these to determine elevation gain on flat water. It's not too surprising that this use-case doesn't work very well.

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