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Parts and all

Originally Posted by VegasTriker View Post
Organic Engines went out of business in 2013 so proprietary parts are going to be hard to find and maybe non-existent. The good thing is that most wear parts are not proprietary. I own a vintage Haluzak Horizon and Bill Haluzak closed shop even before Organic Engines stopped production. The owner of Organic Engines had a real history of being unresponsive to customers near the end. Lots of complaints about him similar to what Windcheetah owners experienced (but maybe not quite that bad).
AFAIK the only custom parts other than THE SEATS and this was very early on, would have been one of the Sturmey-Archer drum brakes, as one of them was customized by some guy in Holland or something as a mirror of the other standard drum brake to make for some symmetry and better cable-handling.

Blue Thunder has disks, so I doubt anything other than THE SEATS would be proprietary.

It is likely a powder coat finish. So if you have it repainted, consider the cost of removal. He sold quite a few seats separately as I recall. knowing him he still has the jig for bending the tubing.

Enjoy your rides!

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