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I really believe if Tony would just invest in a decent graphic designer to come up with a logo that wasn't so butt ugly, this would not be an issue for most.

Great bikes with ugly ass logos = happy owners trying to scrape of/cover up the logos. How many of you logo scrapers would be proud to display your IRO logo if it didn't look like ass?

I'd be proud to own an IRO, but I'd cover up that logo too. Most of the Bianchi Pista logo scrapers do so, because they bought a Pista thinking it looked great and quickly realized it was so ubiquitous that they looked like "everyone else" or worse "a poser". Some people are actually ashamed to own a Pista (I wouldn't be) but I think people are proud of their IROs even i they do hate the logo.

Tony would sell more bikes with a better looking logo. Some people might even choose to buy a different bike based solely on looks (i know shocking huh?) and others may never know that that hot looking bike they saw was an IRO.

OK, just one person's opinion, but I doubt I'm the only one who thinks IRO needs a better logo.
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