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Weiner Bike SL is finally complete.

16 pounds, steel frame, hydraulic disc, tubeless...With pedals & powermeter!

9 months in the back order queue. I could save 60 grams with KCNC oval chainrings.

When the Darimo Sub4 says it will tolerate up to 5nm of torque, it means it. Yesterday was the very first shakedown ride & the seat post had slipped down likely due to a light application of friction paste & 3nm of clamp torque. So I stopped at a bike shop, checked the clamp specs, (online) & borrowed a 5nm torque key. "SNAP!" 15 miles of riding with no saddle.

Maybe I can eat 10-15 grams for a stronger clamp.

The frame is 1946 grams & they tell me it is ThermLX I'm still not sure how I feel about that. The Ritchey Outback is a few thousand dollars cheaper & claims to weigh less and the rim braked S3 frame up thread weighs a whole pound less.

I have succeeded in beating the bike shop though. Their Bandito weighs 15.9 pounds with the additional $600 lightest frame treatment option in a smaller size & without pedals, power-meter, bottle cages or 120ml (4oz) of sealant.

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