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Originally Posted by Kapusta View Post
18 could have been a med or large...

First, the frame reach and ETT length) trumps seat tube length as the fit criteria, and those have both gotten a bit longer especially the former...
I looked it up. There were four sizes. 16.5, 18, 20, 22. 18 is a medium.

The seat tube length is still important now because if it's a size too big you definitely won't fit much of a dropper. I'm 5-8 so I'm usually on a medium. (Trek would put me on a "Medium Large" lol. Hard to sell a guy something called medium when there's something called large!) With a 17 inch seat tube for me, a 150 dropper, which seems average, is fully slammed. A 240 dropper is not really in the cards! Seat tubes are getting shorter but haven't done that. OEM droppers are still like 100-125mm playing it safe.
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