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This thread isn't getting much love these days, eh?

Just tossing this on here after an '07 triple AD'H fell into my possession this week. By some stroke of luck it was my size, 59cm. It rides at-size for me, the previous owner must've had my crazy long limbs. Has a couple of paint chips here and there to touch up, but no cracks, creaks, or weirdness when riding, solid as a rock. Factory tires, factory tape, guess it wasn't ridden much?

I was expecting it to be squirrely-tweakey responsive ala crit bike based on what I've read about this era of Lemond, but the ride is surprisingly pleasant. No lag in power transfer at all, you push and it goes, pronto. I'd thought about tuning it up and reselling for a small gain, but when my 4-block test ride turned into 4 miles of smiles, I think I might need to investigate this one a little more!

Surprised this alu-carbon frame was near-base for the year. Doesn't ride like it at all.


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