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Originally Posted by MooneyBloke
Here's a question for the peanut gallery: why the hell is Conti glue so damned expensive these days? My old 350g can for which I payed $25 at my LBS is nearly gone. No matter where I look, it seems they want about $70 for the same thing. While it's been a while since I've purchased glue, the jump in price seems unreasonable to me. The tires themselves have gone up a bit, but by a reasonable amount.
Still between 12 and 15 euros from European vendors so here's your chance to Google "Schlauchreifenkitt" If you order multiples or find other items to get to any order minimum and spread the shipping cost, it could be worth it. Not all will ship cement to the US. Bike24 does not but IME they are idiots, anyway. Packed an order so poorly that a bag of spokes and nipples slipped out along the way so in the end it took 6 weeks to get everything.

I just ordered a can of Conti cement from Velosaloon in Austria. Fair warning, making their 50 euro order minimum turned into an epic trip down a rabbit hole of 800+ items in the sale/clearance section alone. My first experience with them but the site is fantastic, with clear photos and descriptions of even the tiniest parts. I am so looking forward to my genuine NOS French needle and thread kit for 90 cents

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