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All the previous suggestions are great. The biggest mistake people make is lack of "seat on the saddle" before buying a bent. Every attempt should be made to ride, borrow, rent, however it can be done, at least one before attempting to buy.

Reading the reviews in BROL will be helpful, but no more so than any of our replies to the question. What is your City and State?let's see if there is a LBS in your area that has recumbents. Any LBS owner knows you have to have "saddle" time, and will make every effort to give that opportunity to a prospective buyer. Some that are close to bike trails, paved ones that is, will even rent them for a day or half day.

If that fails, there is always the possibility that there is someone near you who might be inclined tolet you borrow theirs, or accompany you for a ride.

Most of us "bentheads" are passionate about these incredible machines, and go out of our way to initiate another into the "wonderful world of recumbents." Send me an email if all else fails and let'ssee if there is anyone near you.
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