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Being broke is a temporary condition, being poor is a state of mind...

Chipcom was talking about being broke at times, but having the right attitude will get you out. TG was talking about the folks who are continually broke because they have poor attitudes. It's a vicous circle because being broke can put you into moods that's all wrong, the wrong attitudes, the wrong spirituality, the wrong practices.

Personally I see money is just being energy, potential energy at that, it allows you to do things in the future, create results that aren't in existence now. Where did this energy come from? Your own hard work and sweat and other's hard work and sweat. You never actually make money, unless you've got a printing-press in the back-room or you're the Fed (a private bank).

So take out the money you have in your pocket, where did it come from? It came from an exchange, you gave someone something of value and benefit and they gave you money in return. The more people you benefit and the higher the value of your contribution to them, the more money you have. So to make a boatload of money, just look to help as many people as you can and make each each transaction of high value.

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