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I shave the legs 2 to 3 times a week. I'll admit that it is partly because I race and I caved to peer pressure. That said, it is also because I get massages every week , and it is MUCH more comfortable on hairless legs.

Also, I once layed it down going downhill at 40 mph (da*n car pulled in front of me). It was winter and my legs were hairy under my tights (which were shredded). Let me tell you, lying on a hospital bed while they scrub the hair out of a flesh wound for an hour is no fun at all. Henceforth, you better believe I shave my legs year round. :b

Having said the whys of it, I've never found another razor that works as well as the Mach 3. The head swivels nicely and I never get nicks and cuts when applying light pressure. The triple blade system gives a nice close shave.

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