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Originally Posted by gernot
I would think that radially laced left spokes are under less tension than 2 or 3 cross right side spokes on a dished wheel ....
Spokes that are undertensioned tend to be the ones that break first. One of the prime objectives in building a good wheel is to get all the spokes at the maximum tension you can, given the limitations of the components (rims, spokes, hubs). For example, Mavic quotes the max tension for their rims at 90-110kgF. The rim is normally going to be the limiting factor. So, the closer you can get to 110, the better. This is what the front wheel spokes and the rear drive side spokes should be targeted to. The non-drive side spokes will be some fraction less tension than the drive side. This will be in the 70%, or so, range. It will differ from wheel to wheel, depending on a lot of things, including lacing patterns. Any non-drive side spokes are always going to be under less tension than the drive side spokes, no matter what the lacing pattern. If you want higher non-drive side tensions, then you should look at assymetric rims like the Velocity Aerohead OC ("Off Center"). Those non-drive side spokes will still be less tension than the drive side spokes, but they will be closer than a rim with a centered spoke pattern.

You say that this wheel is being used for a cross bike. I would never suggest radial spoking for off road - an element that cyclocross contains by definition. I'm not going to say they don't exist, but I have never seen a rear MTB wheel with radial lacing. I have seen front MTB wheels laced radially.
Take some time and look at MTB wheel sets and see if you can find one that has rear radial lacing. For off road, 3x is the way to go for a strong, reliable wheel. Radial patterns are for the roadies and if you watch the Paris-Roubaix race you will see that a lot of the road pros will switch from their boutique radially laced wheels and go to traditional 3x patterns to cope with the beating that the cobbles put on them. There are even some that do tying and soldering for that race, but that's another debate ......
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