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Just thought I'd follow up with some weights according to my unofficial scale. These weights are for comparitve purposes and are not meant to be absolute.

Weights in pounds. If you live with the metric system you can do the math.

Brompton 27.2
DT Mini 25.7

These weights are as you see them in the photos. Do NOT compare them to other published weights as often those weights don't include seats and pedals. These were ready to ride weights and as you see them. I also weighed the bikes individually and with me holding them. I then averaged out these weights to try and eliminate scale error.

By comparison my Swift weighed 29.6 lbs with Thudbuster, Big Apples, Brooks, fenders and rack.

I went through and re-tensioned my spokes tonight on the Mini. I had 3 REALLY loose ones and two loose ones. All is great now and quiet as can be. I trued the wheel while I was at it. It was off just a little bit probably due to the loose spokes which were all pretty much in one quadrant.
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