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Originally Posted by spambait11
Did this review really need a separate thread of its own?
Yes, I think so. It was a lot more in depth with a lot of photos to be posted. There is a lot of interest in the bike and few people here take the time to right a thorough review so why not? I personally think we should have a sticky area where reviews are posted. It would save a lot of time of answering the same old noob questions about this bike or that bike.

I do take a lot of my time to write a thorough unbiased review. I am not doing it for my edification nor am I being compensated for it. So if the price you have to pay is for it to be in a new thread and you are unhappy about it, well it sure beats a lot of the drivel that gets posted here. It also makes it much easier to search for based on name. If it was SPAM I could understand your point but honestly it seems like a minor one to me but I'm sure others will chime in if you've raised a salient point and they agree with you. I don't mean to be confrontational here but I see it as not a big deal and this review was very in depth compared to the mini ride report I posted before.

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