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Originally Posted by Scooper
Since the Downtube Mini is relatively new, and everyone seemed to be comparing it to the Brompton in terms of comfort and folded size, why should it not have its own thread?
To address your latter point about having its own thread, I'd rather see info about the same bike in the same place. What's the point of a mini-review and a full-review of the same bike coming from the same person being posted in two different threads? I'm NOT accusing Wav of shilling because he's been here a while, but doing something like this can be viewed as such.

I find your primary observation of people wanting to compare the Mini to the Brompton very intriguing. It seems everyone would rather have the B., but no one wants to pay the price. In the meantime, they hope for a cheaply priced B. killer which is probably not going to happen unless it comes from B. themselves. To be fair though, I doubt the Mini was meant to compete head to head with the B., but those people will try to force a comparison anyway. They should really be trying to compare the Mini with the Dahon Piccolo or Presto Lite. The B. is not even in the same league as the Mini - the B. is in a higher league. But whatever they want to believe...
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