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Originally Posted by don_lee103
Finally after few weeks, Ive decided to go with Trek 1500 as my first bike.
My LBS sells this new discovery 2007 version for $1109 dollars but with some research, I found the bike dealer in california who sells them for $999.
My question is.. will they pricematch? I even have the copy of their website in california with $999 price on it with same colour bike and etc.
Has anyone have done this before? if so, what is the best way to ask LBS for a pricematch?
Do you live in California?

Most shops will price match competitiors. If I am in New York and a customer comes in with an internet ad from Chicago for example, that's not a competitor. Within the same town or city is a competitor. In situations like that, for all we know they have stopped selling Trek and want to get rid of the bike...within my own town, I'll know what's up with the competition.

If you don't live in CA and buy that bike, as someone mentioned, you'd pay the shipping. No shop will pay for the shipping to you on a bike like that...they sell a lot of them and it will sell within their own community.

If it was me, I wouldn't, but as someone else said, I might discount accessories.
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