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Originally Posted by geo8rge
Just for the record I do not use a red headlight. I wonder if you could combine red and white leds to get a superior beam (brighter with less loss of night vision), that would comply with laws and common sense.

According to the province of Alberta Traffic Act:

Part 1, Division 1: Headlamps (to define what a headlamp is)

(4) The light from a headlamp must be white, and the lens and bulb of the headlamp must be made of clear, untinted glazing.

(5) A person shall not attach or apply anything that colours the light from a headlamp to the headlamp, part of the headlamp or a bulb in the headlamps.

Part 4, Division 3: Bicycles (to apply this to bicycles)

Bicycle equipment

99(1) A person shall not ride a bicycle at night time unless the bicycle has the following:

(a) at least one headlamp but not more than 2 headlamps;

(b) at least one red tail lamp;

(c) at least one red reflector mounted on the rear.

Therefore, combining red and white lights for a headlamp on your bicycle would not be legally permitted in Alberta. You should check your own highway traffic act to see exactly what it says about lighting and bicycles before you proceed.
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