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ahh, red is for reading, not riding

you need yellow spectrum to see well on tar or trails,
red slices thru fog, yellow does too. but yellow provides
more return light you can use to navigate with.

pure white like HID is good too, but anything with too
much blue will be poor in the rain or fog. yellow/white is overall
the best, HID is great because there is so much light it works
no mattah what. blue is garbage for any wet or foggy condition
(blue is scattered by water and you get less return photons, though
if someone else has blue, you can see then miles away, they just
can't see much of their own light coming back)

I've tried red headlights before, while trying to photograph the
critters at out the cabin in teh is doable but crappy
you would need 4x lumens
to be able to navigate at speed if using red. that means too much
battery and light to be practical.

besides, red is for the rear, in 99.999999% of the world.
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