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This has always raised a fundamental question for me.

Rollers with a mag unit can provide just as much resistance as most trainner's. Free motion rollers enable you to ride out of the saddle and even sprint. Therefore the only advantage that's left to trainners is undistracted power trainning allowing for maximal force to be acheived since you don't have to divert energy to worrying about controlling the bike.

The fundamental question is: Should you be getting more powerful if you can't handle the bike with the power you can generate now?

Rollers have always made sense to me, although it gets tricky to control my bike on a 16" tube when doing maximal L5, L6 & L7 intervals, it's still something you have to learn to do. Your bike isn't going to bolted to a trainner during a race especially during a final sprint when bike control is critical.

I find sprinting on my free motion rollers very informative, I immediately noticed that i had to much weight shifted over my front wheel and not enough over my rear, fixing this I immediatly noticed an increase in sprinting power.

And of course rollers increase your balance which alot of cyclist's think they have, until they try to ride a set of rollers, especially with no hands, or do a track stand out on the road.

NOTE:I didn't have my mag unit attached at the time of this video but i do now and it works fine with the whole setup.
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