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You look hard enough you will see every thing imaginable. My group most often stops to pick up avocodos that have freshly fallen off the trees. Now, I would stop for the Pomollo(sp?) Grapefruit.
Now to report on the somewhat bizarre stuff , that surprises me. Often I see adjacent to the curbs on busy highways, what looks like to be spent condoms. Not unusual, I'm sure... What is more of a surprise- I have noticed on isolated bike trails, no automobiles allowed- what appeared to be unused, unwrapped condoms, all rolled up.Can't miss the highly colored ones! . Can't figure that one out. Wish they would stop doing that, they might causes crashes. So many people are such pigs.
I have unusual ways of keeping myself on track, like when climbing a really steep hill. Schearer's Grade. 2 miles long. Somewhat difficult climb. The last 1 mile is the steepest part. To keep my mind off of the refrain- (how much longer do I have to go, bit!); I usually count litter. During that last one mile, I count soft drink cans. Whatever, keeps you from quitting.
Gosh, I will keep this clean and not report what my dive group has found on underwater clean ups. It is the worst under expensive docks with lots of expensive yachts. One person, got an unexpected $100 gift certificate for the most obscene item of litter.
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