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Originally posted by supcom
While riding today, I found a case full of CDs in the weeds along the side of the road. The case contained 57 CDs! Not only that, they are almost all original disks.

The only problem is that they appear to be almost all hip hop, which is not my kind of music. I'm hoping I can sell them at a used book or music store. If I can get a couple bucks apiece for them, it might pay for some bike stuff.

Anyone else find anything valuable along the side of the road while riding?
Couldn't you take them to the cops?

I would like to think that if someone stole my CD's and then dumped them that someone might hand them in.

I don't know what the case is for you but down here if you hand in something of value to the cops you can get it back in a couple of months if no one claims it.
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