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First off I thought I'd clear this up from the Intro thread.

Originally Posted by Serendipper
Also illegal now to ride at night without at least a blinky. If you plan on riding all day, invest in a set of quality lights.
Here's what the law says. http://www.legis.ga.gov/legis/GaCode...=6&section=296
(a) Every bicycle when in use at nighttime shall be equipped with a light on the front which shall emit a white light visible from a distance of 300 feet to the front and with a red reflector on the rear of a type approved by the Department of Public Safety which shall be visible from a distance of 300 feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful upper beams of headlights on a motor vehicle. A light emitting a red light visible from a distance of 300 feet to the rear may be used in addition to the red reflector.

Originally Posted by Serendipper
On a side note...sure is prudy out, ain't it?
Purdy doesn't adequately describe how nice it is.
Why am I sitting in front of this computer?

Originally Posted by Serendipper
Or "Hey y'all", or something!

They don't think we are a serious cycling town folks...let's prove 'em wrong, and stay in touch.

So...who's from GA? Who are you? What do you ride? Where are you riding? When's the next meet-up? Why is it 85 degrees in October?
I moved from Orlando to Atlanta in 1992 because Emory University thought I was their savior. At least for the department I was working in.
In 2000 corporate downsizing hit (yes, universities are corporations). It hit me again at another employer in 2003.

So now I am an under-employed "something" thinking about tattoo #3.
I work for the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign as the bike education specialist (whatever that is), Share the Road campaign coordinator (free Share the Road bumper stickers), webmaster, financial whatever, technical guru, and janitor.

My bikes are shown in my signature.

I bike commute year round from my part of Decatur to Virginia-Highland - about 8.5 miles one-way.

On the weekends I ride from home to Stone Mountain and do a lap or two around the mountain and head home. Not many cyclists live in my neighborhood so I'm usually a loner on the weekend.

After I get my new "geek" lights set up on my commuter bike, I may start doing the Tuesday night ride from Melton's App & Tap. Several friends have invited me, so.....

The next meet up for "this" group is whenever anyone suggests a place and time.

Why is it 85 degrees? To torture me 'cause I'm stuck inside. I'm a warm, sunny day kind of guy.
Can't wait for April. Cold weather ---> BOO! HISS!
The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. - Psalm 103:8

I am a cyclist. I am not the fastest or the fittest. But I will get to where I'm going with a smile on my face.
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