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Anybody know the history of Ross bikes?

I have a 1985 Ross road bike, given to me by a friend in California. I have been riding it 4 years, and it's a great bike. It is heavy -- 32 pounds ready to roll. Does anyone know the history of the Ross company? I understand they were headquartered in Allentown, PA. I was in Florida last week and stopped by a local LBS. I asked the owner if he could identify my bike (It carries no manufacturer logos). He asked me if it was European or American. When I said American, he immediately said "Ross." The owner said Ross was a going concern until the late 1980's, when they won a U.S. Post Office contract to provide three-wheel bikes to carriers in New York City. This dragged the whole company under, for what reason I don't know. He said he thinks the company still exists, but no longer manufactures bikes. Maybe Ross is now some kind of distributor for Asian bikes. Here's a little aside on this particular bike shop. The owner was formerly a Ferrari mechanic, who bought the shop 4 years ago in Jacksonville, FL. He said: "If I can tune a 12 cylinder Ferrari, I figured I could work on these things (bikes). He had a good point, I think.
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