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Originally Posted by ax0n
Instructions/schems/more pix plz?
Here are schematics for just the 120LED blinkie portion, in jpg format:

300k download

Here are the original Eagle CAD drawings. Note that I created these using the Lite version of Eagle, which limits you to 4" long board. I needed 8" long boards for the LED light bars, so I modified the light bar artwork in photoshop to create an 8" long board. I have included it in PDF format.

120LED blinkie driver schematic - note this file is for reference only, it has no matching board file.

blinkie driver schematic, including dual Luxeon emitters

blinkie driver board artwork, including dual Luxeon emitters

blinkie driver schematic, with no Luxeon emitters

blinkie driver board artwork, with no Luxeon emitters

blinkie segment schematic (30 LEDs)

blinkie segment board artwork (30 LEDs)

8" blinkie segment board artwork (60 LEDs, pdf file)

Don't even bother looking at these files unless you know how to make printed circuit boards. Obviously, building this thing will take some training in electronics, a decent amount of equipment, etc. etc. Also note that the design has been optimized for 11V, but it should run just as well at 12V. It will not run on anything lower than 10V.

I don't have all of my assembly pictures sorted and edited yet, but will soon.....

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