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Originally Posted by womble
OP: You're asking a question about Brooks- this has only got to be the most discussed saddle on these bikeforums

FWIW, Brooks suck for MTB usage (I've used one)- they weigh half a kilo and the leather is slippery, which gives very poor traction for controlling the bike through the seatpost.
(take the tone of Mum and Dad) Don't roll your eyes at me young man!!!

Actually, the Brooks saddle hasn't been discussed in the MTB forum since I have been around here. I don't spend any time in other forums. I don't want a Commuter's opinion on a saddle that will be on my MTB. I want a MTB'ers opinion. Thank you for yours though. I don't control my bike very much via the saddle. When I'm on the trail, I don't spend much time in the saddle...too much climbing around here. Occasionally, I spend a little "saddle time" on some smoother trails around, but not generally.

I have a sticky butt anyway.

Seriously...I appreciate your opinion on how slick it is. Makes me wonder how well it would work out b/c sometimes I wear lycra, sometimes I wear baggy's.
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