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So you've found a reliable source other than eBay for the very old Cinelli stems? Hell, I've seen completely rusted ones go for over $150, more than the price of the NJ Pro. I was really interested in one of those vintage Cinelli stems and bars for my Mercian, but then I realized that fetishism is just insanely frustrating and settled on the stuff I already have. Besides, unless you have very narrow shoulders, the Cinelli bars are going to be far too narrow for you.

In conclusion, if you find one of the vintage Cinelli stems for less than say...$100 bucks (a badged one would be an even nicer score), sell it on the bay for two times as much and buy yourself a medium drop NJ Pro, some nice Nitto bars, and a few drinks.

Originally Posted by fixedpip
I finally have some money to spend on bike stuff and have a choice between: an old-school cinelli steel pista stem or a brand spanking new Nitto Pro-NJS AA stem (aka the Jaguar).

Basically, this style 50's/60's steel cinelli stem (with a little more drop):

or this

I have both nitto and cinelli bars which I like, so that doesn't matter. I just want a stiff stem with a decent amount of drop.

Anyone have any experiences with 50's/60's steel, and especially Cinelli, stems? How stiff are they? Do you trust 'em for everyday riding esp wrt to skidding/skipping?

Or should I stop being a retro idiot, and get the Nitto stem? If so, I've had conflicting advice to go shorter, to compensate for the drop, and go longer, to compensate for the angle. What have been peoples experience?

Sorry for doing my decision via BF/FG, but I'm so excited by being able to spend some cash that I can't work it out.
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