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Well, the tri-specific bikes have a higher BB and short cranks so you can pedal through corners, of course.
As for the 3 and 4 spoke CF wheels, I guess it has something to do with reliability. Not a lot of triatheletes are in it primarily for the cycling, and a lot of these bikes are not used for training. People need a light wheel that will be true when they use it, without maintenance, and will stay trued even after minor shunts, or when thrown to the ground (as some triatheletes seem prone to do). Really, though, it's probably mostly for show.
It may be different where you are. Around here, triathalons exist mostly for people to show off the expensive gear they have bought. Cyclocross bikes in this area are often fixed gear, and nobody ever uses fenders, despite the crappy climate.
I'm sure a decent road bike is at least good enough to keep you from losing ground, but the really gung-ho triatheletes always try to pedal hard and constant.
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