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One thing I neglected to mention in my previous post is that the 2nd character represents the year. But it looks like you figured that out.

I'm very familar with the Centurion article on Sheldon's site, as I researched the material for the author. He still has several corrections corrections to make.

The early Centurion models often used SunTour/Dia-Compe/Sugino components. In fact, I'd say they were predominatly this mix until the mid 1980s. However, it is not abnormal for some European distributors to spec different components and graphics, due to local preferences.

The curious thing is that out of the dozens of Centurion serial numbers that I've logged, the only M-numbers are from yourself and fricker-61. While WSI did use a number of suppliers, I'm wondering if they had a different supplier for Germany and/or the high end models during this period? They had a unique supplier for the Cinelli Equipe, so maybe this was an earlier attempt along the same idea?

I don't have any good pics of the early 1980s head emblems, but basically, it was a C within a circle. The border had wording which said, in part, "Centurion bicycles". I've seen various color combinations, so they may have been co-ordinated with color schemes. I've seen both decals and what looks like glued-on thin metal. Of course, this is assuming that the German models used the same style head emblem.
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