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is today mountain bike day over here???

at 6'3" you should be looking at nothiong BUT 29ers imho.

i am also 6'3" and after riding one it was clear i'd never go back...

that redline is about as much bang as i have ever seen for the buck. before my 29er i had the 26" version and that was the damn sweetest riding bike i ever owned (with baby wheels on it ).

if i hadn't blown my wad and gone custom i'd defintiely have the monocog 29er right now. those bikes are heavy but they ride so nice you'll never know it.

that said this guy will make you a damn nice custom bike for about as much as you could spend on a higher end stock bike.

walt is also a great guy to work with! this bike is the best thing i ever did for my mtn biking. 1300 (or so) dollars VERY well spent.

here is mine (sorry to all of you who have seen it before)

in my opinion at our size bigwheels turn into normal sized wheels...

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