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Thanks for the German catalog, Amphalabike. I have read that the German Centurion company was unrelated to the company that imported Japanese bikes into the USA under the Centurion name. However, the German catalog shows that in 1982, at least some model names were shared between the bikes imported to the USA and the bikes imported to Germany.

One of the interesting names was "Semi-Professional". Several Japanese bike makers used the name "Semi-Professional" to denote their second-best race bike. To my ears, and I suspect most American ears, the name "Semi-Professional" sounds more like "third rate"...which was not at all what the importer intended.

My OWN understanding of "Semi-Professional" comes from baseball, where a player who is not good enough to play in the minor leagues might play for a steel mill's company team, and get paid enough to buy beer and pizza after the game. It is a Wal-Mart level name that was applied to what would today be an "Ultegra" level bicycle.

Of course, some Japanese importers never tried to use an name that meant anything in English. Azuki, Nishiki....
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