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30F and a good tailwind. (Translates to a bad headwind for the ride home. Blah.) Smart of me to keep the Hakkas on the bike. Lots of black (and otherwise) ice on the MUP this morning.

I had to MUP mostly to myself. Saw a trail regular on his bike, riding to school, and a couple other people, including a regular ped, but that was it.

Yesterday, the ride home had some excitement. I was almost home, riding on a residential street, and I saw a Jeep Cherokee turn onto the road and stop suddenly. Then I saw some guy walking around the vehicle. My sixth sense kicked in and I slowed way down to observe what was going on. He started screaming at the people in the Jeep. What the f#*@ do you want me to do?! %(#$*@ Blah blah blah $@#&@&*$% blah!!!

He was trying to open doors of the Jeep, and a woman inside was yelling back at him.

So I'm thinking, "Do I pass them, stop to call the cops, or turn around and run like a girl?" I saw a person coming out of a house, so I just kept going, giving the Jeep and irate dude a wide berth. Weird stuff.
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