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Looks pretty much as I remembered it. One rider sliding along (doing a bit of a roll on the ground) and the other doing a great job avoiding him and minimizing his crash into the gaurd rail.

Looks like he landed on his trunk (if you ask me) but the view isn't the best. Gravel in his helmet would have been lodged in there from the roll on the other side of the barrier.

If you want to see a video with a better view of a head hitting the ground, try this

If you feel I'm in some kind of denial, I've got to think you're reading things into something that's just not there. It seems, to some helmet proponents any fall to a rider, who is wearing a helmet, has validation that his life has been saved by the helmet, but no one looks at all the other riders, who are not wearing helmets, falling and not sustaining injuries. Not really very objective consideration, is it? The helmet issue is very inconclusive. People have to look a life with their eyes open and not in just one direction. I don't think some proponents are doing that.

The example of the Tour crash is pretty good for this point. Just how many thousands of crashes have there been in the Tour for the past 100 years? Recently they started to wear helmets, but for just about all of the history of the Tour there haven't been any helmets. How can you turn a blind eye to all of those examples? How is it now that the helmets are now the reason these riders continue on? How is it the riders had continued on in previous years? Who's in denial?

I had a friend at work (he's been transferred since) who was riding his bike without a helmet on the wrong side of the road and (suprise, suprise) ran right into a car that had come out from a side street, looking to make a right, and the driver was checking left for oncoming traffic. He hit the car head on and blacked out.

My wifes cousin had a simliar story. He was wearing his helmet and in a slip, fell full force into a parked car, and blacked out.

Now the cousin swears the helmet saved him, but I have to wonder, what's the deal with my co-worker? Both hit cars with a similar force and both ended up in the same condition. Did the helmet make any difference?

From what is known about the limitations of a helmet, I don't think the experiences were within the abilities of the helmets to make any difference at all but if you wre inclined to believe in a helmets ability to exceed what they are able to do, I guess faith guides you. It sure isn't rationality.

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