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the Friday before last I rode in the first 0.3 miles with my friend who was riding his skateboard to work. other than that it was an uneventful commute.

this past week's commutes were all good, except for Tuesday's, which wasn't. after the derailleur on the loaner MTB failed in a spectacular fashion on Monday, I took it back to the shop and they lent me their other loaner bike, a spectacularly heavy Giant city hybrid with grip shifters and a chain guard. pretty good ride and a definitely faster than the MTB... 700x40 semi-slicks vs. 26x1.95 knobbies will do that, plus the bike was actually my size and had a more aggressive geometry (not that weird handlebars-over-the-seat comfort bike geometry found on a lot of city hybrids). still noticeably harder to push along though.

this week it's been kind of transition weather... chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. definitely nice weather but it does mean I have to pack two sets of clothes. all commutes were fun and uneventful, although slightly slower and more laborious. most have been from my parents' house since I've been house sitting.

this past Friday I got my Coda Sport back... the new rear wheel was finally ready. it's good to be back on the Coda Sport again... even with the slightly chunkier tires it still feels like a lightning bolt out of Valhalla compared to the bikes I've been riding around the last two weeks. I actually felt motivated to get some extra miles in for the first time in a while. the weather was in the 70's in the afternoon. awesome commute back!
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