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Originally Posted by DScott
The best advise I hated to hear was to think about the whole biking thing as a package- you may not get a whole lot off the bike, but can do well on discounts for service and accessories that you're going to buy anyway: pump, shoes, clothing, tires/tubes, etc. Very often, all the stuff seems to cost more than the bike, when it's all said and done.

However, I still cringe when I see people get excited about receiving a fee water bottle or something. WTF is up with that?
Free stuff?? What free stuff...I must doing something wrong...

My wife and I have bought 4 bikes in the last 2 months and haven't gotten any free stuff...Then again we got a pretty good deal on two of the bikes and an ok deal on the 3rd...The 4th was bought at another shop and had to be special ordered in...No deal on that one, which I understand...Kinda...

BTW for the OP, you can't compare US dollars converted to Canadian when it comes to bike prices. The LBS's up here have to deal with a distributor that forces them to sell bikes at a certain price to still turn a good profit. Honestly the big problem in Canada when it comes to bike accessories and bikes themselves is the distributors. Hence the reason I look online when it comes to accessories. For bikes I bite the bullet and pay what the LBS is willing to negotiate to.

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