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Originally Posted by roadwarrior
Do you guys negotiate the price of your groceries every week? "I'd really like to buy this can of soup. What kind of a deal can you give me?"
Groceries are different though. They are price inelastic. Generally I would think any luxury good could be negotiated. There is also a linear scale between price and the chance of negotiations. The more expensive a product, the better the chance of negotiations. You don’t HAVE to have a bike, but you do have to have food. Medicine is the same way. You can’t negotiate the price of antibiotics because most people aren’t willing to say “No thanks, I think I’ll die instead.” But every person will negotiate the price of a house, wedding ring, car, ect. They have a specific name for people in the car industry that pay sticker price. They call them suckers.

Back to the topic, If the price seems reasonable, just ask for discounts on a package like others have suggested. When I got my bike, it was on close out so they didn't want to lower the price but I got free pedals, free cages and water bottles, and a 30 percent discount on shoes and shorts. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
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