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See what else the shop will include as far as fitting you on the bike, swapping out stems and other components if necessary.

A smart shop will recognize that if they earn your business on a $1000 bike, you'll be back to be a $1500 bike, and later maybe a $2000 bike and so on.

As for the story about the guy who drove in with an $80,000 BMW, you can bet that unless it was a very limited model, he probably bargained on the $80,000 car and didn't pay MSRP. So why not do the same on a bike?

Kergin, I can understand your pain purchasing a bike in Canada. It appears that the Canadian distributors are doing a great job of gouging consumers now that the Canadian dollar has strengthened against the US dollar. It's not only bikes, but electronics, most cars, and numerous other products. I suppose that if they got away adding 50% to the US price a few years ago when that was the exchange rate, they see no reason to adjust prices downwards. I wonder if enough people complained to the US manufacturer (in this case Cannondale) if they would pressure the distributor to price the products more fairly, or if they might simply drop the distributor and find a new one.
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