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I have an 07 and love it. I had an old Allez (circa 1982) conversion that I rode before. I ride it single speed and not fixed.

IMHO the Langser is a frame build up project and not that great as a complete bike. As an employee you should be able to do an Employee Purchase through Specialized and get the bike for something close to or under $400 which is what I think the bike frame/fork is worth. The only thing I am using from the stock bike is the headset and seatpost binder collar. Everything else I replaced. (And the headset is going bye-bye as soon as I can find a nice sealed bearing headset that is a direct replacement).

The ride is great and the carbon fork made the bike much more useable and friendly. Geometry is standard compact road (basically the same angles as an Allez) and climbs/tracks well. Old conversions tend to be old steel bikes which tend to have slack-er geometry and steer slow and have nowhere near the stiffness as the Langster (at least the steel bikes I have ridden). The shining star of the bike is the frame and the only thing I wished for was the Langster Comp with a rear brake bridge since I prefer single speed over fixed.

I commute and train on the bike and probably have 500-1000 miles on it and it has performed w/o flaw. It just feels right. The ride is smooth, which I generally don't attriute to Aluminum, but the butt does not lie.

People on this board pooh-pooh the Langster, but I find it to be a competent bike with many positives. For the money I enjoy it very much.
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