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fixed gear in general is an impedement for most theives. Remember the first time you rode fixed? Remember the first time it kicked you back? You were prepared. Now imagine the theif that steals your bike and hops on it to quickly ride away and gets bucked....good times.

Also riding clipless pedals in normal shoes SUCKS...especially eggbeaters.

But, if your bike is all blinged out chances are it's going to be stolen by someone who knows what it is and can ride it. So you are screwed either way.

You rarely see NYC messengers on bikes that don't look like total. I'm not saying they aren't good bikes, well some aren't, it's jsut they aren't calling attention to themselves. Those who know who what parts are good. THose who don't just see a rusty chunk o' crap. The really fancy blinged out bikes only come out to play on on weekends or races for some of those guys who have them. If you see a messenger on a fancy blinged out bike chances are they are new and haven't been beaten down by the street yet.
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