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Is the WTP Metric any good? It is of course $599, while the DK Signal is only $289 (both from, but it seems to look a lot better (except it does not have chrome rims). The KHE Tantra is too expensive (it's like over $900 I think), but the KHE Dafunction is only $499. Seems OK, but the color/design isn't the best looking.

One thing though, if I get a cheaper bike it'll leave me with more money for upgrades and stuff. So I could like get the DK Signal and have a few hundred dollars to spend on upgrades, or I could get the WTP Metric and have not much left over. Although I don't want to spend too much though, because while I do like BMXing a lot, it isn't the main thing I do for fun (like some of you do I would imagine). It's just something I do for fun and I don't want to end up spending $1000 on a bike where a $500 one would have been just as much fun.

So I guess the main three options I have now are the DK Signal (pros: chrome rims, cheaper, etc), KHE Dafunction (pros: 3pc crank, cheaper than the WTP, etc), and the WTP Metric (pros: 3pc crank, good looks, etc).
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