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Mercier Kilo TT Pictures

I recieved my 50cm Mercier Kilo TT today and snapped a bunch of pictures while I was assembling it. There seems to be a lot of information and misinformation scattered about so hopefully the pictures help answer any questions other peoples may have. There's a lot of talk about how cheap the majority of the components are but generally I'm skeptical of peoples opinions so hopefully the pictures let you make your own assesment. Click on the picture for more pictures.

I'm not a bike expert by any means but I do have a manufacturing background. The hubs look fairly rough to me but I'm not afraid to ride them. The stem sure doesnt get any style points but I think its funtional. Crankset seems fine. Pedals are eh. The chain is marked KMC. I've never had a roadbike so I'm not sure about the tires but they seem to be atleast made out of a tire type material. Now the handlebars and the saddle..... it blows my mind that raw materials were harvested from the earth to manufacture these items. I'm planning to replace both.

Front brake is going on tomorrow if i can figure it out. If there is a part you'd like to see, let me know and I'll snap a picture.


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