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Mine came in this past Friday, I got it in black. I've been riding it since I got it. I'm sure the components aren't the best. I'm 215 and it's holding up alright for now, 4 days and 27miles isn't really time to tell anything though. I'll see how it goes, put a break on today. Second day out, no brakes, and strapless/clipless pedals, going down a hill I was almost unable to slow down, but caught the pedals once and was okay. Learned out to slow down on the fly, may have been the best way. Went on a 10 mile ride today, didn't use the break, just have it for emergencies essentially. Anyway it's a entry level bike for sure. Geometry is tight, still getting use to the toe overlap. Wish I had done some more research, but glad to be riding. Already starting to plot my next bike. I may keep this even when I get another, it's so twitchie it'll always be fun to ride I think.
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