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Originally Posted by Rikardi151
There is NO possible way anyone could ever convince me those arent a great deal. how much are they again? like 350? They are classy bikes. If they sold those framesets alone I think they would make a killing. I suspect it woudl cost somewhere around the IRO LC's and we bought 400+ of those.

Def. the best fork on ANY budget complete bike.
Agreed 100%. Reynolds 520 is their out-sourced 4130 steel,
so if this frame is just the standard double-butted Maxway
frameset (which we have every reason to believe it is), then
it's basically the exact same frame as the rest of the budget
bike market out there. So compare it to the rest of the field,
and it just blows the competition away. Plus this bike gets
bonus point for the beautiful lugged fork.

If I weren't waiting on my fancy special IRO with Dedacciai
tubing, I would probably buy one of these bikes for myself.
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