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Originally Posted by maddmaxx
NO.....NO.....NOT Golf........anything............

Those people are strange. They have special clothing, and special shoes, and....and......they do it to stay "fit". Who could hang out with people like that?

Worse would be to watch golf on TV. Seriously, jppe, if your knee is "sensitive", and given that's it's only mid June with a long season ahead of us, and how lovely fall must be in the Blue Ridge....the last thing you need is to blow out your knee and lose your training flow.

What would your mom say......"Take it easy, Jppe, and you'll ride another day-- and in the meantime clean your room." In fact, you'll ride lots of days. The recovery ride timed to not interfere with golf sounds good. Or, a ride with the wife maybe-- after all, you guys just recently reconnected.
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