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Originally Posted by jppe
I'm tired. It's been a 200+ mile-6 days with about 17,000 ft of climbing and the body is telling me to rest. I woke up tired. My right knee has developed some pains that probably means the saddle height needs to be reduced. My knee is tired.

I've signed up for another 100 miler for this Saturday that has 13,000 ft of climbing and has one climb that is just brutal. It tops out at 19% and averages 13-15% for 2 miles. Plus I've already done the darn route this year as a training ride.

I'll be out of town all week in Charleston, SC and have the option of staying over next weekend (all expenses paid) and enjoy the coast, play some golf, eat excellent food, get rested etc. On the other hand I could drive 6-7 hours back late Friday night and get on the bike before the crack of dawn and do the hellish ride on Saturday.

One minute I want to do the ride. The next minute I'm ready for a break.

Not sure what I'll do.

What would you do????
You need a break. Take it. What do you need to prove?
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