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Originally Posted by operator
You're in luck. Bikes come shipped in a box partially assembled. This is what we do at the shop when we set up a bike for you.

1) Check bottom bracket for play
2) True wheels, radial and lateral true, check hub adjustment
3) Check headset adjustment
4) Check gear shifting and adjust front/rear derailleur if out of adjust
5) Setup front and rear brake
6) Seatpost/seat installation
7) Pedal installation
8) Check every bolt for tightness

Here are the tools you will need:

1) Truing stand
2) Spoke wrenches
3) BB Lockring wrench
4) Pin spanner
5) Cone wrenches
6) Assorted wrenches in different sizes
7) 2x Headset wrenches
8) Set of hex wrenches
9) Grease
10) Freewheel removal tool/Cassette lockring tool

And about a billion hours to do all this correctly if you've never done it before. The most time consuming and difficult part of this installation is going to be truing the wheels. Sometimes you get lucky and it's good out of the box, sometimes not.

Order and tools needed will change based on the type of bike you buy. But it'll generally be similar. This of course assumes you're buying the complete bike. If by assemble you actually meant pick out different parts and install it yourself - you have an added step of ensuring compatibility with every component you pick.

If you're dealing with carbon components, you're going to NEED a torque wrench. I'd also highly recommend you have a pro mechanic supervise you while you do all this. Either that or let a shop assemble it for you. Most of what is done on the bike is fairly simple mehcanically, but there are chance for you to **** things up royally especially if you are starting with 0 knowledge of bike and bicycle related mechanics.

If you're building from the frame up with custom component selection, there's also frame prep to deal, wheel builds etc. etc.
Hmm. Okay I wasn't expecting so many proprietary tools. Or the wheels to need truing. I assumed the factory QA would have ensured that.

I'm actually disappointed by that list of tools. I expected I'd need some special tools but not that many. That definitely cuts into the budget.

Which one of these kits would cover all of the above in your opinion?
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