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Originally Posted by Ziemas
Why don't you tell us what *exactly* you are looking for in a bike, and someone might be able to recommend an off the peg one that suits your needs.

Building from the frame up is a lot more expensive than buying a complete factory bike, and if you are realistic about what you want spec wise there most likely is an off the peg to suit your needs in your price range .
Allright, here's he most amount of detail that I can relay based on what I've learned to date.

I'm going to use it to haul the kids around in a trailer, run local errands (say up to 20 mins away), ride on paved bike paths, ride on hard packed dirt paths, ride on those dirt shortcuts that everybody used to cut through fields, and maybe commute one day. The commute is on bike paths again so I'm not _really_ that concerned about the road. Besides I figure that what is good enough to go on the bike paths is probably good enough for the road.

As for spec, I personally believe that there is a minimum price you need to pay to get anything that is worth buying. I'm not really sure what that price is with a bicycle or what parts fit my 'minimum'. However, I believe these are the features that are worth paying for. My budget is around $1K.

-Sealed hubs
-Sealed BB (not sure if that's the sealed bit of the crank but you know what I mean)
-Good rims (Alex R500(?))
-Good spokes
-Rims that will take a 28c - 38ish tire. I'm trying to avoid a suspension.
-Good relible derailleur and front derailleur. This is the one I'm not sure how far you need to go to get a solid product. It looks like 105 is as low as you want to go, but I'd go lower if you're just buying longevity versus performance. I'm not planning on putting on major mileage in the next couple of years. I just want solid shift, and as little as possible adjustments.
-Frame that will absorb impacts well. I don't mind if it's steel but I don't want a big increase in weight. I don't know what is a good brand for the money versus a cheap one.
-Fork that will absorb impacts well. I think carbon is my best bet, again I don't know what is a good brand for the money versus a cheap one.
-Handle bars that absorb impacts. Style on this one is a toss up. I'm not opposed to drops, but I like the height and width and brake placement of the straight bars. Don't know if there is a drop bar that comes close.
-Seat stem. Carbon?

I did a quick search this morning and came up with a few off the shelves that sound good.
-Jamis Coda Comp
-Specialized Crosstrail Pro (assuming the fork can be locked or has solid dampening)
-Cannondale Road Warrior 500
-Cannondale Bad Boy Disc
-Lemond Poprad. (out of my price range I think)
-Trek 7.6FX
-Bianchi Strada

I don't know if these fit the bill as I don't find the spec sheets mention whether or not the hubs are sealed etc.

Anyways that should give you an idea of what I like.
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