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Originally Posted by fireworks
I currently weigh 180 lbs, buck naked.

Really? There is absolutely no difference between them other than weight?
Really. Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise either. This is a commuter bike, not 8lb racer going up alpe d'huez.

False! No market syndrome. Short of going to suspension carbon seemed to be the way to go for shock absorption. Selected it for a practical reason. So your saying that there is no advantage with regard to shock absorption by going with a carbon fork over steel?
You're fooling yourself. Yes the ride is a little smoother with a carbon fork over steel. Marginally. People buy it for weight savings. Want a cushier ride? Buy better tires, or slightly wider ones at and run lower pressure. But hey, if you're deadset on getting a carbon fork just make sure you set aside around 1/3 of your budget for a quality one. (Cheap carbon forks on a cheap bike are one of two things: not worth riding, or carbon blades on a cr-mo steerer. Which equates to absolutely jack **** besides the aesthetics of seeing carbon "forks".)

Again, carbon has _no_ advantage over steel? And yes I meant seatpost.
This is probably the most worthless carbon component you could buy.

P.S All this advice is worthless if you really don't mind riding something really nice to commute. And/or decide your budget increased to $2k +
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